Power Vise · Clamper

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  • VC-N Series

    VC-N SeriesHOT

    Vise for Small-Size Machines
    Just fit to small-size machines

  • VE-N Series

    VE-N Series

    Lowest profile Type Steel Vise
    Wide space machining created

  • VE-LN Series

    VE-LN SeriesHOT

    Lowest profile Type Long Power Vise
    Large jaw opening is offered by the reliable VE-N series

  • VE125LWN


    Lowest profile Type Longest Steel Vises
    Jaw stroke:405mm

  • VQX-N Series

    VQX-N Series

    MC Power Vise
    Everlasting standard

  • VM-N Series

    VM-N Series

    MC Power Vise Multi-type
    The new system enables vertical and horizontal mounting, and clamping of the inside of work

  • MV125N


    Multi-Power Vise
    Vertical integrated-type vise without an angle plate

  • MH125N-4


    Multi-Power Vise
    Parallel integrated-type vise

  • VQA125N


    MC Air Vise
    Automated air-operated vise for saving set-up time and cost

  • VAX125


    MC Compact Clamper
    Compact Clamper with versatile clamping for 5-axis machines

  • VAX125C


    MC Compact Clamper
    Wide-opened accessibility to workpiece enables machining in perfect condition

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