NC Rotary Table

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  • MR Series

    MR SeriesHOT

    Compact type
    High performance standard model

  • MRT200


    NC Rotary Table
    Top mounted motor position allows optimal stroke for Y-axis

  • MX160


    High Speed Type
    Reduced Takt Time and Improved Productivity

  • CK160 CKR160

    CK(R) Series

    Ultra Compact NC Rotary Table
    The world's thinnest body

  • GTM series

    GT Series

    High Clamping Torque Type
    Suitable for heavy machininig

  • TMX Series

    TMX SeriesHOT

    Side Mounted Motor (Horizontal) Type
    KITAGAWA's trustworthy basic model

  • TRX,TR Series

    TR Series

    Side Mounted Motor (Vertical) Type

  • TPM530


    Mega Thru-Hole NC Rotary Table
    Suitable for machining large workpieces

  • TBX Series

    TBX Series

    Back-side Mounted Motor Type
    Compact body without protrusion

  • TUX,TUM Series

    TUX,TU Series

    Up-side Mounted Motor Type
    Suitable for multi-tasking machining with Horizontal M/C

  • TMM Series

    TM Series

    Multi-spindle Type
    High productivity

  • TT Series

    TT Series

    Tilting NC Rotary Table
    For 5 axis machining

  • LR Series

    LR Series

    Built-in Rotary Joint
    Suitable for manufacturing-line with specialized machine

  • DM100 DME100


    Suitable For Wire-cut EDM
    Water proof and rust proof

  • RK200


    Quick Indexing NC Rotary Table
    Roller gear & cam mechanism

  • RKT180


    High-speed & Low maintenance NC Rotary Table
    Roller gear & cam structure

  • RS100


    Simplified Type
    Max speed 83.3min-1

  • Options


    Tail stock, Tail spindle,
    Rotary Joint, Rotary Chuck etc.

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