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Message from KITAGAWA


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  Workholding Solution provided by KITAGAWA

We, Machine Tools and Accessories of KITAGAWA Iron Works Co., Ltd., manufacture and supply Lathe’s and M/C’s accessories such as Lathe Chuck, Rotary Cylinder, NC Rotary Table, Vise, Workgripper and so on. We would like to support and satisfy our customers with our best quality products and services.

KITAGAWA has started with manufacturing the first Manual Chuck in 1937, and now, our Power Chuck is recognized as world’s standard Lathe Chuck. We also have developed and manufactured M/C’s accessories to meet our customers’ requirements, and we have wide variety of products.

We, all staff deeply appreciate our customers’ loyal patronage. We keep supporting our customers with our high quality products and after-sales services as well as product development to provide Workholding solution. We would look forward to your continuous patronage in the future.

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