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Technology Q&A

Q1 How thin is the spheroidal graphite cast iron to be manufactured?
A1 It has succeeded in manufacture of an engine mount bracket with a thickness of 2.5mm
Q2 What is the material with sufficient machinability?
A2 There is the material currently called KSC (Kitagawa super cut).
There are few amounts of wear of a tool as 60 to 80% of FC250, and size accuracy and
surface coarseness are excellent.
Q3 Is steel casting available?
A3 It can be available in the lines of the shell line, the EVA-form(Investment), and the lost wax.
Q4 What are the policies for the delivery of the proto type product and the quality of it?
A4 The 3-D CAD and the molten metal flow analysis are applied to achieve competitive costs,
short lead time and the best quality.
Q5 Do you manufacture the components for automotive industry?
A5 We manufacture knuckle arm, caliper, dumper fork, hub and more relating to automotive.
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