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  Green sand mold forming LOST WAX METAL INJECTION EVA-FOAM
Process introduction
EVA-FOAM Factory molding line
(Nakasu Factory)
Line photograph
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Item Specification Feature
Size of a product
Product weight
(Single pile)

The quality of the material which can be manufactured
<  350kg

FCD340 -500
FC150 - 300
Stainless steel, heat-resistant, abrasion-resistant and corrosion-resistant steels
Steel casting at large
(containing SUS steel casting)
evaporative pattern casting process

Molds have no mating surfaces and produce no burrs.

The EVA-FORM casting pours molten metal with embedded foamed molding, and it does not require removal of the model, unlike the traditional sand mold method. As a
matter of course, it requires no draft angles.

Even complicated shapes require no cores.
Even complicated shapes require no cores if they can be foam-molded and are able to be filled with sand.

Reducing the pressure in the molds achieves the following:
・High dimensional accuracy and superior casting surface smoothness
・Reduced work process
・Light weight
・Improved heat resistance, abrasion resistance and other cast steel properties

Steel-casting cast iron parts(collected water pipe・Pump parts)
Dimensional accuracy (mm) 3 - 30 ± 0.5
30 - 100 ± 0.7
100 - 200 ± 1.0
200 - 400 ± 1.5
400 > ± 2.0
Applications Manifolds,
furnace parts
breaking and crushing teeth,
lining materials,
valves, pumps,
and other complicated-shape parts

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