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@ Green sand mold forming LOST WAX METAL INJECTION EVA-FOAM
Process introduction
METAL INJECTION (MIM) Factory molding line
(Shimokabe Factory)
Line photograph

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Item Specification Feature
Product weight
(Single pile)
50g or less
Thickness 10mm or less
metal injection molding process

Provides high tensile strength and resistance against elongation and impact

High-density sintered body (relative strength over 95%) provides high tensile strength and resistance against elongation and impact.

High dimensional accuracy and superior surface smoothness
The dimensional accuracy is }0.5% or less. The surface roughness is 5S or less.

Suitable for mass production of products with complicated shapes
Metal injection can easily produce complicated shapes such as small thickness, sharp corners and deep holes. It is also suitable for mass production.

Up-to-date manufacturing facilities and strict quality assurance
Up-to-date manufacturing facilities controlled in a centralized manner and strict quality assurance ensure a stable supply of products.

Iron system special steel (Nozzle,shaft,Tip)
The quality of the material which can be manufactured SCM steel
invar alloy
various types of stainless steel
Fe-Ni alloy
high-speed steel
tool steel
magnetic materials
cemented carbide
Applications Precision machine parts
OA equipment parts
communication machine parts
electronic parts
automobile parts

Dimensional accuracy (mm) Length(mm) General tolerance Special tolerance
0-5 ±0.03 ±0.02
5-10 ±0.06 ±0.04
10-20 ±0.12 ±0.07
20-40 ±0.25 ±0.13
40-80 ±0.45 ±0.25

Comparison with other manufacturers' products
NOTE: The mechanical properties are those of SUS 316S.
Manufacturing method Metal injection Traditional powder metallurgy Lost wax
Dimensional accuracy ±0.5% ±1% ±1%
Shape Complicated Simple Complicated
Surface roughness 5S 5S 18S
Relative density 97% 80% 100%
Product weight < 50g < 500g < 2kg
Mechanical properties Tensile strength 50kgf/mm2 30kgf/mm2 57kgf/mm2
Elongation 49% 19% 55%
Density 7.78g/cm3 6.6g/cm3 7.98g/cm3

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