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  Green sand mold forming LOST WAX METAL INJECTION EVA-FOAM
Process introduction
LOST WAX Factory molding line
(Shimokabe Factory)
Line photograph

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Item Specification Feature
Size of a product
Maximum 200x100x100
Minimum 20x10x5
Ceramic mold casting

Achieves high quality and precision.

Lost wax casting produces smooth surface and provides high precision. In addition, it is suitable for casting light-weight and thin complex shapes.

Capable of mass production.
Large-scale manufacturing lines achieve stable supply of products. The casting molds may be used almost permanently and no draft angles are needed.

Produces low-price precision cast parts.
Rationalized and automatic manufacturing processes enable remarkable cost reduction.

Has no restrictions on iron materials
・High-quality stainless steel
・Carbon steel and steel alloys for structures
・Carbon steel and alloy tool steel
・Heat-resistant steel and alloy
・Ductile cast iron and general cast iron

Steel-casting mass-production article
(engine parts and sprocket)
Product weight
(Single pile)
20g - 2300g
Productive capacity 10 ton / month
The quality of the material which can be manufactured FCD340 - 450
High alloy cast iron
Steel casting at large
(containing SUS steel casting)
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